Announcing Our 2018 Playbill

2018 Playbill


Comedy by Mark Crawford
May 30 – June 16

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has left her husband and moved back home to live with her mom Gail. Gail, a beekeeper, is trying to figure out why her honeybees are dropping dead. Then there’s Earl, Gail’s neighbour, farm tenant, and ladies man. And finally, Ben: an athletic Masters student studying the collapsing bee colonies, is about to get a big lesson in pollination. These four characters tackle sex, love, science and family in this laugh-out-loud comedy filled with brains and a huge, honeyed heart.


NEW Comedy by Norm Foster
June 20 – July 11

Set in 1938, Mary Hayes is a budding reporter trying to break into the male dominated newspaper world. Editor-In-Chief Bosco sets a competition between his star reporter Jeff Kincaid and Mary to cover a society wedding. If Jeff writes up to snuff, he gets to keep his job. If Mary wins, she gets to replace him. Full of snappy period dialogue reminiscent of the best cinematic screwball comedies, this new play sparkles with humour and packs a punch.


NEW Comedy by Robin Hawdon
July 18 – August 4

In a luxury Riviera hotel, the body of a beautiful film star is found. A hooded jewel thief discovers her. A man bursts in and assumes the thief is the murderer. The film star wakes from her blackout and assumes another story. The hotel manager arrives and attempts to make sense of it all. A huge film premiere is looming, a diamond necklace has gone missing, scandalous affairs are about to hit the headlines and everyone appears to be trying to murder someone.


World Premiere Comedy by Derek Ritschel
August 8 – 25

The problem with relationships is that other people are involved. With the best of intentions, Sadie and Dennis buy a house with friends, Penny and Earl. Their goal: to flip the house and make a profit. Over a single weekend hidden truths and secrets about the close friends come to the surface and could change their lives forever. With honesty and humour, our two couples try to rebuild a beautiful home together and restore their relationships.


Comedy by Willy Russell
September 5 – 22

Frank is an English tutor in his fifties whose disillusioned outlook on life drives him to drink and bury himself in his books. Enter Rita, a forthright 26 year-old hairdresser eager to learn. After weeks of coaxing, Rita slowly wins over the very hesitant Frank with her innate insight and refusal to accept no for an answer. Their relationship as teacher and student blossoms, giving Frank a new sense of self and Rita the knowledge she craves.

Season Topper:
Derek Marshall & Nicholas Arnold
in a concert presentation
Dean & Jerry: What Might Have Been

Created by Jesse Collins
September 25 – 29

Derek Marshall and Nicholas Arnold present a fabulous concert of hits and comedy. With their own brand of wacky humour, they pay tribute to the comedy team that dominated television, radio and nightclub stages in the 1950’s with timeless hits such as Everybody Loves Somebody, Sway, You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You, Volaré, That’s Amore, Return To Me, Standing on the Corner, Memories Are Made of This, You’ll Never Walk Aloneand Jerry’s #1 hit, Rockabye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody. The comedy schtick and story-telling of these two terrific entertainers will take you through the real-life story that begs the question ‘what if they had never split’.