Announcing Our 50/50 London, England Trip Winner

This year’s 50/50 Trip to Jolly Ol’ London England was won by Joan Stewart, who will be bringing her best friend Ruth with her.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a 50/50 ticket this summer. Because of you, Lighthouse Festival Theatre volunteers were able to raise over $32,000! All of that will be reinvested into the art you see on stage next season.

The following message comes directly from Kate and her staff at Norfolk’s Marlin Travel, as the annual sponsor of this incredible trip draw.

Cheerio Lighthouse Festival Theatre Go-ers!

These vibrant ladies are definitely kindred spirits with Norfolk’s Marlin Travel! This 7 day Across The Pond Adventure includes: charming city accommodations, round-trip airfare, a smorgasbord of attractions with a Hop-on-Hop-off metropolitan tour, and a live West End Theatre performance! This splendid British Escapade is designed to make Big Ben chime in show tune tempo! ~All compliments of Norfolk’s Marlin Travel.

On behalf of my staff, I would like to sincerely thank you for supporting Lighthouse by attending and also purchasing 50/50 tickets. The theatre is a Norfolk County cornerstone, with a plethora of iconic talent… We are so fortunate to be part of it in our community.

As the 2015 stage lights fade, we look forward to another memorable theatre season and the sheer anticipation of the next 50/50 Trip Winner… As they say in the theatre, “That’s A Wrap!”


Kate Stratford
Owner, Norfolk’s Marlin Travel
61 Robinson Street Simcoe