Artist Billeting

House an actor, director or member of our production team through the Lighthouse billet program

Every year, Lighthouse Festival depends on the generosity of community members to support the theatre by billeting our visiting actors and crew. 

We are looking for safe, clean and welcoming accommodations for our actors, directors, stage management and crew to rent. Billets can range from six weeks to five months depending on your availability. 

If you are interested in becoming a billet for Lighthouse, please reach out to Caitlin O’Neill ( for more information. 

FAQ’s About Billeting

What is a billet host?

Each summer, we have many artists – including actors, directors, and stage managers – who travel to Port Dover and then to Port Colborne to entertain you on the Lighthouse stages. Each of these individuals need accommodations for the duration of their contract. A billet host is a local member of the community who rents their spare room, apartments, cottage or homes to these artists for a fee.

Who is an ideal billet host?

Anyone local with private or semi-private accommodations. Private accommodations are ideal. These are spaces that have a separate entrance, bedroom, bathroom and living space, but a spare room with a private bathroom and shared access to the kitchen and living spaces will do too! Many artists don’t have access to a vehicle, so they prefer accommodations within walking/cycling distance to the theatre. But those with a car don’t mind a short drive.

What does a billet host provide?

All we ask our hosts to provide is a clean space with a bedroom, ideally a private bathroom, and access to a kitchen. You don’t need to entertain your guests, who won’t be home that often anyhow, since they’re most often at the rehearsal hall or the theatre. Our artists are consummate professionals who need no supervision and will respect your space and any house rules.

How do artist book their billets

Once you have been confirmed as a billet for 2024 a listing will be created for your accommodation on our artist portal. The listing will include basic information, pictures and contact information.
Artists will be sent a link to the portal a month before they arrive in Port Dover with all of the available billets.

Each artist will be responsible for contacting the billet of their choice to arrange booking and payment.

Do the artists pay rent?

Yes! As we are a charitable, professional theatre, our artists can offer you modest remuneration. We ask that single rooms cost no more than $125/week and no more than $200-$300 for private spaces/apartments.

If you have a private apartment or house with multiple bedrooms, please reach out to me to discuss long term lease options and pricing.

When are hosts needed?

You can rent a room out all season long to various artists from mid April to the middle of September, or host one actor for a six-week period in Port Dover or a two week period in Port Colborne. Any length of time would be most appreciated. Next summer, we need accommodation for 25 artists.

Here’s a breakdown of our 2024 visiting artists by show:

PositionPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
DirectorApril 28 – May 24N/A
Stage ManagerN/AJune 10 – June 24
Assistant Stage ManagerApril 26 – June 9N/A
Actors (3)April 28 – June 9June 10 – June 24
PositionPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
DirectorMay 19 – June 13N/A
Assistant Stage ManagerMay 17 – June 30N/A
Actors (3)May 19 – June 30July 1 – 14
PositionsPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
Apprentice Stage ManagerJune 6 – July 21July 22 – 28
Actors (2)June 9 – July 21July 22 – 28
PositionsPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
DirectorJuly 1 – July 27N/A
Stage ManagerN/AAugust 12 – 25
Assistant Stage ManagerJune 28 – August 11N/A
Actors (5)July 1 – August 11August 12 – 25
PositionsPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
DirectorJuly 28 – August 22N/A
Assistant Stage ManagerJuly 26 – September 8N/A
Actors (3)July 28 – September 8September 9 – 22
PostionsPort Dover DatesPort Colborne Dates
Musicians/Singers (11)September 9 – 29October 1 – 13
Production Crew (4)April 22 – September 20N/A