Stage Management


Mileage Form
Please submit your mileage form in the last week of your contract. When filling out, “your home” refers to your permanent address, not your billet. Please provide your full address. Use google maps to determine the correct km’s between locations. The km’s between our two theatres will auto fill when you check the box. Please submit your mileage form to Alice Barnett:
Petty Cash
Petty Cash is to be used for supplies for the rehearsal hall and small running props. Please do not use it to purchase props, costumes, or haircuts for artists. All purchases outside of supplies for the rehearsal hall (Kleenex, water, etc.), and running props (gravy browning, tea, food colouring, etc.), must be approved by the production manager before purchase.

Distribution Lists

Rehearsal Notes
Show Reports

Derek Ritschel <>
Nicole Campbell <>
Alice Barnett <>
Hailey Parker <>
Port Dover: Stephanie Grant <>
Port Colborne: Jenny Simpson <>


  • The production manager runs the production meetings, and the stage manager takes the notes and distributes them.  
  • Please send daily schedules and rehearsal notes by 6:30pm, with the exception of tech days.