2023 Season Graphic Artist

“A picture is worth 1000 words.” It’s a timeless expression because it’s true. One picture can tell more of a story than 1000 words ever could.

A poster for a play takes this even further.

A poster for a play has the task of conveying the message, atmosphere and feeling of the entire production in one image. It’s the main source of promotional material, getting the point across without spoiling the story. Creating one is no easy feat. 

Thankfully, Haldimand-Norfolk’s Brian Fettes was up to the task. 

Designed to display the soul of the sleight of comedies hitting Lighthouse Festival next summer, Fettes has created six season posters, each with unique themes and imagery. 

“It was an interesting project because I’ve never actually seen any of the plays,” shares Fettes. “I had to be able to come up with an image that shows the essence of the production based on a very short description.” 


When Lighthouse Festival Artistic Director, Derek Ritschel, approached Fettes to design the artwork for the next season, he was honoured. “Lighthouse has been so good to me over the years. They have given me great support as an artist by inviting me to display my paintings in the theatre and play music at their events.” 

While Lighthouse Festival is predominately known for its work promoting and fostering Canadian theatre, and thus their work with Canadian writers and actors, supporting all creators is an important mission for Ritschel. “From having local artwork hanging in the theatre for patrons to enjoy while waiting for a show, to local musicians playing music on our opening night celebrations, Lighthouse is a home for all Canadian artists, no matter their medium,” shares Ritschel. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a creator from our backyard designing artwork that tens of thousands of patrons will see this summer.”

About the artist:

Brian Fettes is an artist, musician and photographer working as a graphic designer for the past 25 years. Able to use his passion and talents as a career, he is a graphic designer and vinyl graphics installer for Stripe Art in Simcoe. When not at work he spends his time staying up to date with the latest digital art software and is currently learning the art of motion graphics software. As a local musician, he plays in bands Drop Disco and The Felica McMinn Band. When not playing music or creating art he can often be found researching and photographing historic sites around Haldimand-Norfolk, often to use as reference points for future artwork. 

To follow along with Brian’s work, visit his Facebook page.