For Immediate Release | Race Day by Norm Foster & Steve Thomas coming to Simcoe Little Theatre

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On Stage May 4 – 14, 2023 at Simcoe Little Theatre

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Simcoe, ON (March 31, 2023) – An out of work actor, his estranged daughter, a channeler, a down-on-his-luck gambler, a woman enforcer, two small-time thieves and a nun descend on racetrack for an afternoon of thoroughbred racing. A musical comedy that is witty, funny, and full of unpredictable twists, Race Day hits the stay May 4th to 14th at Simcoe Little Theatre and is directed by Tony Proracki with musical direction by Michelle Proracki.

After the heartwarming comedy Pumpernickel Junction and the thoughtful Love Letters, Simcoe Little Theatre is closing out it’s 2022/2023 season with hilarious musical Race Day, penned by Norm Foster with music by Steve Thomas, who has crafted songs that match the energy of the show and compliment Foster’s lyrics.

With rehearsals well underway, the directing team of Tony & Michelle Proracki are excited to bring this timeless comedic and musical tale to the stage. “While volunteering, we saw Lighthouse Festival’s production of Race Day thirteen years ago and immediately loved the energetic cast and music. Now, here we are with our own fantastic cast and band to share Norm Foster’s comedy with you”, said Tony Proracki.

“Inherent in Norm’s writing is an exquisite sense of humour and the teasing out and adding to it through the roles and personalities of the performers has been a gas”, adds Michelle Proracki. “The setting is a day at the racetrack along with a variety of characters who, for the most part, are there to bet on the horses for a variety of comical reasons.”  

“The musical score by Steve Thomas adds to the excitement of being fully engaged in a bet…. on a horse…. during a race”, continues Tony Proracki. “Of course, there are moments of reflection with happy endings for all involved.”


Maggie Bakers as Rose (May 4, 6, 11, 13), waitress

John Dickson as Bartender, chorus

Janet Dickson as Lucinda, a “channeler”

Hannah Dolson as Roxie

Tina Gates as Wagering Window cashier, chorus

Ashton Harding as Rose (May 5, 7, 12, 14), waitress

Susan LeBone as Sister Emily

Mitchell McGivern as Max

Randy McGivern as Jordan Porter AKA Shakespeare

Christy Miedema as Chester, a thief

Christine Shantz as Rich Betting Lady, chorus

Roselle Slaght as Rich Better Lady, chorus

Sue Thompson as Security Guard, chorus

Mackenzie Tigwell as Gerard, a thief

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Tickets are on sale now at or by contacting the box office at 519-583-0505. The following prices for single tickets include all taxes and charges with no hidden fees:

  • Single ticket: $22
  • Student ticket: $10
  • Opening night ticket: $25 (Opening night celebrations let patrons mingle with the cast and crew after the show while enjoying complimentary eats from local restaurants)
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Directors & cast members are available for interviews.

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