#GIVINGTUESDAY Donor Spotlight

In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we would like to share a snapshot of two of our donors, Richard and Karen Davis. They have moved many times in their lives, but have been settled between Port Dover, in the summer months, and South Carolina, in the winter, for the last 10 years. They are wonderful, caring people with a contagious passion for the viability of the arts in our community. They have gone out of their way many times to show support for Lighthouse Festival Theatre’s growth and improvement, and we feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have gotten to know them better over the past 2 years:

“We learned about Lighthouse from the very beginning of our time in Pt. Dover. It represented the one cultural offering that didn’t require a drive to Hamilton, Buffalo or Toronto. We bought a season subscription that first year and have continued to do so every year since.

Almost every year there’s a show that stands out. We appreciate that Lighthouse provides a forum for Canadian themes and playwrights. Specific highlights for us include Jasper Station, 39 Steps, and the first time we saw Norm Foster perform in one of his own plays.

We recently spent 3 years in France. We returned in the summers, so continued our season subscription. Since our return in 2012, we’ve seen the theatre grow and evolve, and become an integral part of Port Dover’s development, which is adding to the quality of life in the community.

We’ve been involved with fundraising for many years and with many organizations. We believe that we have a responsibility to support the community in which we live and organizations whose mission we value. As donors, we want to know what we’re supporting and what effect our gifts will have on the organization. As we’ve seen Lighthouse become more clear about how contributions will be used and for what purpose, the more involved we’ve become in supporting it.”

– Richard and Karen Davis