Lighthouse completes renovation of backstage space for actors

Lighthouse Festival are in the final stages of completing a full reconfiguration and renovation of the backstage dressing rooms and greenroom. Lighthouse received funding from the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) which sees projects from across Canada funded in part by both the provincial and federal governments. The new backstage layout includes new dressing rooms and two new non-binary washrooms with showers which allows ample space for not only the professional actors from the summer season but also the youth and community actors from the annual Young Company program and the Community show.

“The experience behind the scenes is hugely impactful to the performance on stage and thus to the experience of our patrons in the seats. It is vital that our actors, professional and amateur, have a functional and safe space to prepare for performances,” shared Lighthouse Artistic Director Derek Ritschel.

Casts for the Young Company and Community show can include up to 24 actors, not counting those volunteering with wardrobe, makeup and props who would also be using the space. The separation of the dressing rooms and bathrooms is essential to the functionality of the relatively small space.

The backstage improvement has been on Lighthouse’s radar for several years as strategic capital improvements are crucial to enhancing the facilities quality and appeal for live entertainment while also preserving the heritage of the designated 1904 town hall. Being a part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program was a huge benefit for Lighthouse and realizing these improvements.

To complete the backstage renovation a series of five paintings will be installed in the greenroom and around the theatre. The paintings have been commissioned from Six Nations of the Grand River artist Kristen Summers and will tell the story of Turtle Island.  The art is set to be installed in the fall. Media and the public will be invited to an open house at this time to view the new greenroom space and the completed art display.