Lighthouse Festival announces partnership with Eric Pond Designs for “Theatre Folk” apparel

Design incorporates elements from both Port Dover & Port Colborne as well as theatre imagery

PORT DOVER – June 12, 2024. Lighthouse Festival has announced an exciting new partnership with Eric Pond Designs to launch an exciting clothing brand, Theatre Folk. This brand will offer a range of stylish and comfortable apparel, including t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies, all featuring lighthouse-branded colours.

The partnership aims to blend the spirit of Lighthouse Festival with the creative touch of Eric Pond Designs. The new clothing line will feature imagery that incorporates elements of Port Dover, Port Colborne, and theatre motifs, creating a unique and meaningful collection for theatre enthusiasts and community members alike.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Eric Pond Designs on Theatre Folk,” said Don Kearney-Bourque, Marketing and Communications Manager for Lighthouse Festival. “This partnership allows us to celebrate our local heritage and passion for theatre through fashion. The artwork for the clothing is designed to reflect the vibrant community and scenery of Port Dover and Port Colborne.”

Theatre Folk’s initial collection includes versatile and comfortable options for various weather conditions and personal styles. The lighthouse-branded colours and thoughtful designs make these items perfect for both casual wear and showcasing support for the arts.

Pre-ordering is now available until the end of June,” added Kearney-Bourque. “This limited-time offer allows our supporters to be the first to own these exclusive pieces while supporting Lighthouse Festival. We believe this clothing line will resonate with our community and theatre lovers everywhere.”

With the pre-order window open, Lighthouse Festival encourages fans to seize this opportunity to own a piece of the new Theatre Folk collection. The collaboration with Eric Pond Designs promises to deliver high-quality, meaningful apparel that captures the essence of the local culture and the theatre’s spirit.

For more information and to place your pre-order, visit the Lighthouse Festival’s official website. Don’t miss the chance to wear your love for the arts with pride and style.