Lighthouse Festival Theatre Announces The One Act Festival 2017

2nd Annual Festival Doubles Performances

December 7, 2016. Port Dover, ON: Lighthouse Festival Theatre’s Artistic Director, Derek Ritschel, is thrilled to announce that Lighthouse will launch The One Act Festival for a second season (right word?) from January – March 2017, featuring three new and gritty productions. The One Act Festival’s inaugural year was welcomed by completely sold out audiences. As a result of the overwhelming support the festival has now doubled in size, adding a matinee performance to each show.

Ritschel’s goal for the One Act Festival is to build an audience to a size where Lighthouse can start to self-produce the shows. “It would be very much like our summer season, but entirely one act shows which you would never see in our summer playbill,” Ritschel shares. “Perhaps one day, who knows how far down the road, we will have a winter theatre season that rivals our summer theatre season – full two act shows in the summer and one act shows in the winter.”

Each production and performer boasts numerous respected awards. “Thankfully we are able to bring in some of the best one act performers Canada has to offer to establish this series,” Ritschel explains. “Gavin, Rebecca and Alison are experts in their craft and by bringing them here we not only provide the best in one act entertainment – but introduce ourselves to a whole new genre of theatre.”

The Festival kicks off January 28th with CONFESSIONS OF A REDHEADED COFFEESHOP GIRL, by Toronto’s critically acclaimed solo performer Rebecca Perry. This award winning show is for anyone who has ever had a job they didn’t like or was totally overqualified for.

On February 18th, we welcome Gavin Crawford and his new one man show “FRIEND” “LIKE” #ME. Crawford, best known for 8 seasons on CBC’s flagship comedy This Hour Has 22 Minute, offers a hilarious new perspective on the social media world with his witty performance of the online trends we all love and love to hate.

Based on her best selling memoire, Alison Wearing will perform CONFESSIONS OF A FAIRY’S DAUGHTER on March 18th. Her story about growing up with a gay father in the 1980s is a comic monologue that follows Alison through her carefree childhood to the time she learned her family was a tad more complex than she thought.

The One Act Festival is just $65 for all three shows or $25 each.

The One Act Festival Productions:


Written by and starring Rebecca Perry
January 28
2pm and 7pm

Anthropology graduate Joanie Little is stuck working as a barista. Rather than let this get her down, she decides to make the most of her “underemployment”. So, much like Jane Goodall did with chimpanzees, this upbeat Miss studies her only available subjects: the customers of her coffee shop ‘jungle’… hilarity ensues! Created and developed by Toronto’s critically acclaimed solo performer, Rebecca Perry, this internationally successful show is for anyone who has ever had a job they didn’t like.


Written by and starring Gavin Crawford
February 18
2pm and 7pm

Gavin Crawford is a multi-award winning actor, writer and comedian, best known for writing and starring in The Gavin Crawford Show for Comedy Network and for 8 seasons of CBC’s flagship comedy This Hour Has 22 MInutes. Gavin will have you all a-twitter with his new one-man show. He takes you through a click-baiting spiral of characters we all know and love (and love to hate) from our lives off and online. You’ll be humble-bragging you saw this show to all your distant high school friends.


Written by and Starring Alison Wearing
March 18
2pm and 7pm

Based on her bestselling memoir, Alison Wearing tells the story of growing up with a gay father in the 1980s. Woven through music and imagery, the comic monologue moves from Alison’s carefree childhood to the moment she learned, at age twelve, that her family was a tad more complex than she had thought.

Balancing intimacy, history and downright hilarity, this is a captivating tale of family life: deliciously imperfect, riotously challenging, and full of life’s great lessons in love.

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