Lighthouse Festival Theatre’s 2017 Playbill

Subscriptions for our 38th season are available to the public September 26th.  For subscriptions options, click here.

The Ladies Foursome

Comedy by Norm Foster
May 24-June 10

Four women gather for a lighthearted round of golf in honour of their recently departed playing partner. The foursome swings into discussions of life, love, men, sex, children, careers- everything but golf. Many surprises, secrets and confessions come to the surface during this hilarious and heart-warming round of golf.

The Full Mounty

World Premiere Comedy by William Matthews and Bruce Davies
June 14-30

Gordon is a retired Mountie who just can’t seem to shake his past. While minding his own business as a performer in Vegas, he gets drawn into a world of espionage and cover-ups. With the odds against him, he is forced to embark on a mission that pulls him back home to save his beloved country from an evil mastermind.

The Numbers Game

Romantic Comedy by John Spurway
July 5-22

He knew her, she didn’t know him. She was the most popular girl in highschool; he was on the math team. They couldn’t be more different. Now 37 years later, Bernadette needs a roommate, preferably a female, and Phil an actuary with marital problems, needs a place to stay. Two very different people in similar situations try to figure out how to move forward together.

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Thriller Comedy by Ken Ludwig
July 26-August 12

Get your deerstalker cap on – the play’s afoot! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must crack the mystery of The Hound of the Baskervilles before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Enjoy this fast-paced comedy about everyone’s favorite detective solving his most notorious case.

Five Alarm

New Comedy by Kristen Da Silva
August 23-September 9

For sixteen years, Ava Rose has tried (and failed) to win her small town Chilli Cook Off. Hopefuls from all over compete for the prestige and cash while she competes in honour of her father’s memory. If she can piece together her father’s missing Five Alarm chilli recipe and keep her new assistant from maiming herself, she has a chance to take home the trophy.

Season Topper: “Hank Williams Live – 1952”

Writer/Creator WJ Matheson
September 12-16

Enjoy an evening with a country legend that you won’t soon forget. For two hours we travel back to the Kawliga Café with the Hank that captivated audiences and set the standard for generations of country entertainers to come. “Hank Williams Live” is not a true story, but the stories in it are true and as Hank would say “What Momma don’t know won’t hurt ‘er.”