Jamie Williams

Pinkerton comes to Prospect

Artistic Director Derek Ritschel started working with Jamie Williams on his play Pinkerton Come to Prospect in 2018. Over the past two years they have worked through multiple drafts of the script, peer workshops, and readings with actors to fine tune each character and perfect every punchline. This support and mentorship helped to shape Jamie’s western comedy into a Playwrights Guild of Canada nominated show for the 2020 Comedy category. This nomination recognizes the great work that Jamie has accomplished and places Pinkerton comes to Prospect on the list of sought after plays to stage when the world of live theatre re-opens.

The stages and seats may be empty these days but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots happening behind closed doors. Through the generous support of the Lighthouse Festival Theatre I’ve been able not only to further the development of my latest play, Pinkerton Comes To Prospect, but also to garner a nomination for the Playwrights Guild Comedy Award. This couldn’t have happened without the readings, workshops and dramaturgy that Derek Ritschel and the Lighthouse have provided. They’ve been instrumental in allowing my work to continue in these difficult times. And I’m just one of the many artists Lighthouse continues to support. I can’t thank them enough.

Jamie Williams

Jamie’s story of Doc Hennessey, the Town of Prospect’s mayor, sheriff and dentist, and his run in with gunslinger Tallahassee Trigger is a high paced action western comedy. Tallahassee Trigger is coming for Doc, and Doc’s only option is to hire proxy gunfighter, William Pinkerton of the world famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Problem is Doc doesn’t have any money. Hypnosis, love, death, gold and a timely misunderstanding see this western careen ridiculously towards the inevitable showdown with the infamous and deadly Tallahassee Trigger.

Lighthouse is overjoyed for Jamie’s nomination and eager for audiences to enjoy the hilarious adventures of Doc Hennessey, Tallahassee Trigger and William Pinkerton.

More about Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams has been a professional actor for 28 years, appearing on stage across Canada performing at Stratford Festival, the National Arts Centre, The Citadel Theatre, the Norm Foster Festival, Lighthouse Festival Theatre and The Neptune.

In 2018 Jamie made his debut as both playwright and director with the premier production of his farce It’s Your Funeral at Upper Canada Playhouse. Jamie is currently working on two new scripts Pinkerton comes to Prospect and Night Night