Kristen Da Silva

Beyond The Sea

For Lighthouse audiences the name Kristen Da Silva has become synonymous with fast paced wit and uncontrollable laughter. Kristen’s ability to create characters and situations that pull at your heartstrings and have you crying with laughter makes her one of Canada’s most talented playwrights.

Lighthouse Artistic Director Derek Ritschel had the pleasure of witnessing Kristen’s creative process from start to finish when Lighthouse commissioned Hurry Hard, the beloved story of Bill and Sandy whose marriage split caused the division of their curling team who begrudgingly share the ice at the Staynor Curling Club. A medical emergency right before the big Regional Bonspiel means they have to put aside their personal differences and unite as one team if they want to take home the trophy. Hurry Hard  won over the judges of the Tom Hendry Awards for the Playwright Guild of Canada Comedy award as well took home the Stage West Award for best new comedy in 2019.

With such incredible success Derek knew he wanted to work with Kristen again and so Lighthouse has commissioned a second play, this time a one act currently titled Beyond The Sea. Taking place on the Port Dover pier, Beyond The Sea explores how a chance meeting between two strangers can have a life changing impact even after they go their separate ways. With the open water and bustle of a busy pier as its backdrop this story will resonate with everyone who is drawn to a port town.