Relaxed Performances

Theatre is for everyone

What is a relaxed performance?

A relaxed performance (RP) is a theatre experience that incorporates universal design by offering accessibility and inclusion practices that meet the physical, social, and environmental needs of patrons of all abilities, within a dramatic arts setting. We welcome you to be yourself!

Click the titles below to see the accessibility and inclusion principles that are a part of a relaxed performance at Lighthouse Festival.

Personal space seating
Each ticket booked equals 2 seats. This guarantees that there is an empty seat on both sides of your booked seat. Groups and families can sit how they like within the seats they booked.
Freedom to move around
The theatre will be dimly lit during the show so it is easy to get up and leave the theatre if you need. The door to the theatre will remain open so you can easily come in and out.
High sensory adjustments
Lighting and sound cues during the play are adjusted to limit or remove anything that might be jarring to audience members.
Soft landing zone
Available through the whole performance and during intermission is the soft landing zone. Bean bag chairs, couches, a brown/white noise machine and more available for anyone who needs.
Play introduction
Prior to the play starting a short introduction about what a relaxed performance is, the plays themes, notes about light or sound cues and the cast will introduce their characters.
Pre-visit resources
Before coming to watch the play you can read through our resources including a visual guide of the theatre, parking and seating guide and a storyboard of the play itself.
Physical Accessibility
  • A ‘personal space’ seating option will provide attendees with the option to select the seats beside or behind them to create a ‘personal bubble’ based on their comfort level
  • Lighting and sound during the show and in the theatre will be adjusted for attendees
Social Inclusion
  • Vocalizations of attendees are welcome during the performance
  • Interaction with cast and crew prior to or after the play will be encouraged
  • A storyboard of the cast, stage setup, and theatre preview will all be available to review prior to attending the RP
  • A visual guide will be provided to attendees prior to the date of the RP to ensure that all attendees are aware of the Lighthouse Festival building, amenities, theatre features, etc.
Environmental Accessibility
  • The option to leave the theatre as attendees need is open and welcome
  • For the engagement of attendees who choose to leave the theatre at any time, a television with the play in action will be available in the Long Bar of the Lighthouse Festival building
  • The movement of attendees during the performance is welcome
  • Additional signage will be available through the Lighthouse Festival building to ensure that attendees know where to go for the amenities that they are looking for
  • Friendly front of house volunteers will be available to support attendees during their RP experience


Ticket Prices

Ticket InformationPrice (taxes and fees included)
Individual$26.00 each
Youth (21 years and under)$19.00 each
Family rate (3 – 9 tickets)$23.00 each
Group rate (10+ tickets)$21.00 each

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