Relaxed Performance

Theatre is for everyone

What is a relaxed performance?

A relaxed performance (RP) is a theatre experience that incorporates universal design by offering accessibility and inclusion practices that meet the physical, social, and environmental needs of patrons of all abilities, within a dramatic arts setting. We welcome you to be yourself!

Click the titles below to see the accessibility and inclusion principles that are a part of a relaxed performance at Lighthouse Theatre.

Physical Accessibility
  • A ‘personal space’ seating option will provide attendees with the option to select the seats beside or behind them to create a ‘personal bubble’ based on their comfort level
  • Lighting and sound during the show and in the theatre will be adjusted for attendees
Social Inclusion
  • Vocalizations of attendees are welcome during the performance
  • Interaction with cast and crew prior to or after the play will be encouraged
  • A storyboard of the cast, stage setup, and theatre preview will all be available to review prior to attending the RP
  • A visual guide will be provided to attendees prior to the date of the RP to ensure that all attendees are aware of the Lighthouse Festival building, amenities, theatre features, etc.
Environmental Accessibility
  • The option to leave the theatre as attendees need is open and welcome
  • For the engagement of attendees who choose to leave the theatre at any time, a television with the play in action will be available in the Long Bar of the Lighthouse Festival building
  • The movement of attendees during the performance is welcome
  • Additional signage will be available through the Lighthouse Festival building to ensure that attendees know where to go for the amenities that they are looking for
  • Friendly front of house volunteers will be available to support attendees during their RP experience


Ticket Prices

Ticket InformationPrice (taxes and fees included)
Individual$24.00 each
Family rate (3 – 9 tickets)$21.50 each
Group rate (10+ tickets)$20.00 each

Show Descriptions

Come Down From Up River
June 2nd

Performance Start Time: 2pm
Show Run Time: 2 hours 25 minutes (including intermission)
Intermission: 20 minutes

A heartfelt yet complicated story of Shaver Bennett, a quiet and outdoorsy fellow from northern New Brunswick who one day, arrives at the door of his estranged sister’s daughter, Bonnie, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years. Shaver’s point of view leads to difficult but much-needed conversations with Bonnie and her wife Liv, as they welcome Shaver into their lives. This is a sweetly moving tale of family and the challenges that come with being a fish-out-of-water.

Please note that this show includes mature discussions of diversity, race, and sexual orientation. The dialogue is dense and may be difficult to follow for some viewers.

On The Air
June 23rd

Performance Start Time: 2pm
Show Run Time: TBC
Intermission: 20 minutes

A humorous and music-filled comedy set at a small-town radio station in Lake Kashagakaganee where they have only one problem. No one’s listening. Join Alice, the new station manager, on an adventure of a lifetime, where she tries to rally her quirky and disjointed team of amateur broadcasters to find a new audience. But wait. The team will also have to navigate the return of Matt the former station manager’s son who has a plan to change everything in his own way.

Will the team be able to get people to listen? You will have to tune in to find out.

NOTE: This show is fun, lighthearted, and playful. If you like music this is the show for you!

Bed & Breakfast
July 14th

Performance Start Time: 2pm
Show Run Time: TBC
Intermission: 20 minutes

Brett and Drew want to move out of their tiny downtown condo and into a house, but they just lost their seventh bidding war in Toronto. When Brett’s beloved Aunt Maggie dies, he unexpectedly inherits the historic family home in a quiet little tourist town. Unhappy with their careers and frustrated by life in the fast-paced city, the couple decides to make the move and start up a B & B. But when the guys face friction in their new community, they discover the simple life is more complicated than they thought…

This play includes strong language which may be offensive to some viewers.

Where You Are
August 4th

Performance Start Time: 2pm
Show Run Time: TBC
Intermission: 20 minutes

Sisters Glenda and Suzanne live a quiet retirement life of selling homemade jam on Manitoulin Island. Their summer plans of trying to orchestrate sightings of their handsome veterinarian neighbour are disrupted when Suzanne’s grown daughter, Beth arrives for summer vacation. The drama heats up their simple lifestyle as everyone has a secret and not everyone is willing to share. Watch as these three simple women face things that will complicate and change their lives forever.

Please note: that strong language and sexual references are included in this show. Subject matter is not appropriate for young viewers.

Pack of Thieves
September 1st

Performance Start Time: 2pm
Show Run Time: TBC
Intermission: 20 minutes

The witty and cautionary tale of Robert and Jeff two middle-class suburbanites who figure they can use a little extra cash to improve their troubled lives. No problem. The two devise a ‘foolproof’ plan to steal a thoroughbred racehorse and hold it for ransom. Sounds easy right? With the help of Padre, an experienced criminal, and a pair of bumbling twins named Elton and Nigel the group works through the mission. What can go wrong? Just about everything in A Pack Of Thieves.

Please note: this show outlines criminal activity in great detail although done in a funny way the content of this show could be taken out of context by some viewers

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