Main Theatre Rental

The theatre is wheelchair accessible with a combination of floor and platform seating.

Roselawn Theatre is a wheelchair accessible auditorium with a combination of floor and platform seating. It features a large lobby and bar, seating for 216, lights and sound. Complete with a Proscenium stage with access from both the auditorium floor and backstage. Our furnished green room is a large open space, and includes 3 private dressing rooms and washroom facilities.

The theatre is not available for rentals during the summer months. Theatre Rentals are accepted during the months of January, February, March, April, October and November.

Seating for 216
Wheelchair Accessible
Green Room

Rental Prices

Non-charitable Event

$800.00 or 12% of tickets, whichever is greater 
(10 hour/1 performance rental) 

$1100.00 or 12% of tickets, whichever is greater 
(12 hour/2 performance rental) 

Charitable Event
(Renter must provide proof of charitable status)

$350.00 (10 hour/1 performance rental)
$650.00 (12 hour/2 performance rental)

*Requires a $250 non-refundable deposit at signing of contract. 
*Rental rates and fees are subject to change* 

Extra Rehearsal Day

Main Stage Rehearsal Monday-Thursday • $250.00/day 

Main Stage Rehearsal Friday-Saturday • $800.00/day

No Rehearsal on Sundays

For more details on what’s included in you rental click below.

Equipment Available

By request only

  • 4 Yamaha Front of house speakers 
  • 1 PV4x10 – Sub 
  • 4 Yorkville YX10P 
  • 2 Yorkville YX15PC 
  • 2 E.V FM12 – Program Sound Speaker 
  • 4 SM58 
  • 5 SM57 
  • 3 Apex326 with clips 
  • 1 Apex 325 
  • 4 ART Passive DI 
  • 2 ART Dual Passive DI 
  • 2 Radial Stage Bug (Stereo- Laptop) 
Wireless Mics
  • 4 Line 6 XD-V35 handhelds with receivers 
Clear Com
  • 1 Clear Com Wireless transmitter 
  • 1 Charging Station 
  •  5 Clear Com receivers and headsets (wireless) 
  • 2 XLR Adaptors 
  • 10 Batteries 
Hearing Assist
  • 1 Listen: 72MHz transmitter 
  • 6 Listen: LR-300-072 receivers with headsets
Sound Booth
  • 10 Tall mic stands with boom 
  • 4 Short mic stands with boom 
  • 3 Straight stands w round base and boom (if needed) 
  • 2 Mini stands 
  • 5 Music stands with no lights 
  • 2 Speaker stands 
  • 6 Additional round bases 
  • 2 Gooseneck attachments 
  • 2 Power bars with 8 outlets (Fixed SL and SR) 
  • 3 Power bars with 6 outlets (Fixed USL, USR, and USC) 
  • 5 Power Bars 
  • 6 Extension Cords 
  • 26 25’ XLR 
  • 3 50’ XLR 
  • 10 Quarter inch to Quarter Inch (Various Lengths) 


  • A wide variety of lighting looks are available Using our conventional and LED lighting fixtures. We can provide warm and cool washes along with 3 spots (no follow spot). We have both top and cyc lighting in various colours. As well as gobo/break up patterns. 
  • The theatre is equipped with an ETC Element 
  •  If specific lighting is needed, please request that information in advance. 


  • We have a front facing projector that can currently be operated by our booth.  
  • If you wish to use projections, please supply any images or video beforehand. 

Interested in Renting?

For availability, please contact Alice Barnett by email at