2024 Season Graphic Artist

This year, local graphic designer Ryan Szucs produced our stellar images for the 2024 summer season. We chatted with Ryan about his work, what inspired the concept and design for the artwork, and how he chooses his colour palettes.

Lighthouse Festival (LF): What inspired the concept or design for these pieces of artwork for our season?

Ryan Szucs (RS): The inspiration for my designs starts with diving into the scripts and finding those quirky items or situations that stand out. From there, my ideas snowball into a creative avalanche, picking up bits of whimsy and charm along the way. It’s a delightful process of turning a simple prop or scene into a visual feast that hints at the magic of the performance.

LF: How do you choose your color palettes and design elements for your work?

Ryan Szucs (via Instagram)

RS: I imagine myself right there in the thick of the action, feeling the vibe of the script as it comes to life. Pop culture sprinkles a bit of its magic dust, and suddenly the colours and design elements just click into place. It’s all about capturing that perfect blend of era and emotion to bring the story to life visually. 

LF: Are there any artists or designers who have influenced your style and approach to graphic design?

RS: Absolutely! I’m inspired by the bold and eclectic world of street art and illustration, where artists like Shepard Fairey, Ravi Zupa, Kaws, Mike Giant, and the legendary Ralph Steadman have thrived. Their ability to blend fine art and design with everyday life and make powerful statements through their work really shapes my approach to art and design.

LF: Can you describe the message or emotion you intended to convey with this artwork?

RS: I love sneaking in clever references and hiding Easter eggs in my designs, adding layers of intrigue for the observant viewer. My goal is to match the tone of the play, giving audiences a taste of the emotional journey they’re about to embark on. It’s all about creating that spark of recognition and anticipation before the curtain even rises.

LF: What tools and software do you prefer to use in your graphic design process, and how do they contribute to your creative workflow?

RS: Adobe Creative Suite is my playground, with Adobe Illustrator being my trusty sidekick. I often use photography to capture forms and elements that I then draw and refine. There’s something magical about combining hand-drawn ink on paper with the digital precision of vector art, creating textures and designs that feel both organic and polished.

2024 Summer Season Graphics

About the artist:

Ryan Szucs is a graphic designer and mixed media artist based in Port Dover, Ontario. He has produced commissioned fun and quirky artwork throughout Norfolk County and beyond, and works out of Stripe Art in Simcoe, Ontario.

To follow along with Ryan’s work, visit his instagram page.