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What exactly does a donation to Lighthouse Festival do?

On this Giving Tuesday, we want to shine a spotlight on our donors and the remarkable impact they have on our live theatre community of actors, artists and audiences.  

Our incredible donors were responsible for making over 40,000 patrons laugh at a season of silly but heartfelt performances. Enabling actors who had been away from the stage for too long to return to thunderous applause.  

Our donors supported the creation of ten new plays from playwrights of all levels; providing mentorship and collaboration with their contemporaries, weaving together the delicate balance of comedy and friction, the very essence of humanity to premiere for audiences around Ontario.  

Our donors helped thirteen youths stand centre stage receiving ovations from the over 1,600 patrons who attended their Young Company performances. Working through a three-week professional workshop and an eight-run performance schedule, these young people emerged with confidence and lasting friendships.  

Our donors are the reason Lighthouse endured and is now in a position to flourish. They are the reason the Community Show will return in the spring starring local amateur actors, the reason relaxed performances will be introduced making theatre more accessible to all, and the reason our 2023 main season will premiere two plays that were developed under Artistic Director Derek Ritschel’s guidance 

To our donors, we express our deepest gratitude for your generosity. Your dedication to enriching lives and celebrating theatre is the ultimate expression of caring. Live theatre is a crucial way to tell our stories, allowing others to discover and appreciate our heritage, struggles and successes. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on generations of theatre lovers.  

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you.