Lighthouse Festival Accessibility

Lighthouse Festival Theatre Sexual Harassment and Violence Against Vulnerable Persons Policy

All Employees, Independent Contractors and Sub Contractors (other than those who will not come into contact with the public, minors or vulnerable persons in performing their services) and Volunteers must sign-off on and agree to abide by the Theatre’s Code of Conduct and to sign off on and accept the Theatre’s Workplace Harassment and Violence Policy.

All Employees, Independent Contractors, Sub Contractors and Volunteers whose responsibilities in the performance of their work or services will involve direct contact with minors or vulnerable persons must:

  1. provide the following background checks: a Vulnerable Sector Screening check, a Criminal Record Check, an Abuse Registry Check and a Pardoned Sexual Offences Check (the cost of which will be reimbursed by the Theatre) prior to being retained and allowed to provide services. These checks must be updated annually;
  2. not be alone with a child or  children. Rather, he or she must only be in the presence of minors or vulnerable persons in the presence of another adult; and
  3. never have minors or vulnerable persons join them off of theatre property except as of a theatre excursion with the ·express written permission of the minor’s/vulnerable persons(s) parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Theatre’s administrative staff will monitor and enforce the Theatre’s policies and procedures across all of its locations and facilities.

The Theatre’s Employment Policy and Handbook includes:

  1. A zero tolerance statement against sexual abuse and harassment, including such abuse or harassment on minors or other vulnerable persons;
  2. The following written policy that defines appropriate and inappropriate displays of affections, as follows:
    Appropriate Physical Interactions
    • Pats on the shoulder or back
    • Handshakes
    • High-fives and hand slapping
    • Verbal praise
    • Pats on the head when culturally appropriate
    • Holding hands (with smaller children in escorting situations)

      Inappropriate Physical Interaction
    • Hugs
    • Kisses
    • Touching bottom, chest or genital areas
    • Touching knees or legs
    • Wrestling
    • Piggyback rides
    • Tickling
    • Any type of massage given by or to a child or staff member
    • Any form of affection that is unwanted by the child or the staff
    • Compliments that relate to physique, body development
    • Sitting on anyone’s lap
  1. The following written procedure: “All policies apply to and in relation to all circumstances where minors and vulnerable persons may be present, regardless of time or location”;
  2. The following written procedures apply when an employee or volunteer is alone with a lone minor or other vulnerable person:
    1. Where the employee/volunteer finds himself or herself unexpectedly alone with the minor or other vulnerable person, the employee/volunteer shall:
      • Where practical and safe to do so, immediately tale the minor or other vulnerable person directly to a location where there are other adults present;
      • Where not practical, take the minor or other vulnerable person’s to a public space and call another adult to join them at the location; and
      • Immediately call the minor or other vulnerable person’s parents or guardian where the child is not supposed to be, at that time, in the care of the Theatre.
    2. Where the employee/volunteer witnesses a minor or other vulnerable person alone in the presence of a person with whom the employee/volunteer that is not the person’s parent of guardian:
      1. Intervene in the situation to ensure that two adults remain present or insist (where safe to do so) that the steps described in subparagraph i., be followed ensuring the minor’s or vulnerable person’s safety.

The Theatre will follow and publicize to all persons who might interact with children or vulnerable persons including but not limited to employees, volunteers, parents, guardians, children, actors, directors, technicians and designers, as well as contractors/subcontractors, procedure for allowing victims to report abuse, for responding to allegations of abuse and for reporting suspicious or inappropriate behaviors. The procedure shall include a standardize reporting form. The Theatre’s senior management will investigate the allegations and give real and due consideration to whether or not it is appropriate or necessary to report the allegations to the police.

If a worker needs further assistance, he or she may contact Canadian Actors Equity Association (if a member) or Human Rights Legal Support Centre (Toll Free: 1-866-625-5179) or

Revised Date: October 18, 2019