Tips for Directors at Lighthouse:  

  • We keep design elements of the show on the stage, and don’t have them included in other parts of the building.  
  • If you feel having a certain piece of set in the rehearsal hall will be beneficial to the action, please let us know! If timing and scheduling allows, we will try and get it into rehearsal for you  
  • When blocking, remember that the balcony cannot see the first three feet of the stage from the edge of the deck. Have this line taped out in the rehearsal hall and be mindful of action that happens past it.   
  • The crossover is backstage behind the cyc. There is no other cross over or another way to get to stage right other than the cross over behind the cyc.  
  • The production manager runs the production meetings, and the stage manager takes notes. As the director, you do not need to run the production meetings. 
  • If an actor expresses that they feel unsafe doing an action on stage and request having it choreographed/fight directed, please let us know asap! We are happy to bring someone in to help and make everyone feel safe and comfortable.  
  • Be mindful of the actor’s projection when transitioning from the rehearsal hall to the theatre. The rehearsal hall deceives you when it comes to sound because it’s a much more intimate space.   
  • During tech week we schedule for traditional cue to cues and not work throughs! Be mindful of that when using your tech time!  
  • After opening, the show is the stage managers. Any notes must go through them. This also means that the director is not required when the show moves to Port Colborne.