Thank you for your support.
Together we can keep the good times rolling!

Here at Lighthouse, we pride ourselves on providing access to the finest live theatre for current and future generations so that you, our loyal patrons, can continue to enjoy what you love most about our theatres.  

The biggest part of our charitable mandate is to maintain our artistic excellence to ensure that your experience with us is one of pride and inclusion. While this has been difficult over the last few years, we have done our best to overcome many obstacles. Please know that we will always challenge ourselves to provide you with the absolute best, regardless of the economic environment.  

What has helped us stand by this promise is people – people within the Lighthouse family and the broader community. As a registered charity, we are continuously investing in the potential, the strengths, and the unique abilities of the people we unite each year.  

This year in honour of Giving Tuesday, we are pleased to showcase the people who worked tirelessly to welcome you back in 2023 to a wonderful, shared experience in our theatres. As someone who shares our passion for theatre, you are the reason we aim so high – there is no art without audiences. 

There is a plethora of people who help to bring Lighthouse Festival to life. We employ a crew of talented individuals and actors each season. We nurture emerging artists of all ages to encourage growth and evolution. We integrate our Front of House, Administrative, Technical, Artistic, and Volunteer Teams, working together to deliver these productions for your entertainment and enjoyment. And it all truly comes to life when experienced by you, our audiences.  

As a patron, a subscriber, a donor, and a member of our community – YOU are an essential part of what we do.

Registered Charity # 103328563 RR 0001