I have seen first hand the dramatic changes in the young people who are part of Young Company. They embrace the opportunity for growth and develop confidence within the supportive and inclusive setting that Young Company provides. As the world grows more isolating, I feel my role is imperative to ensure that emerging generations are introduced to the collective magic of theatre and the arts. With your help, the future is bright!
Marcus Lundgren, Director, LF Young Company

At Lighthouse Festival, we firmly believe that the future of theatre shines brightest in the hands of our youth. Our Young Company program serves as a beacon of inspiration, nurturing budding actors, directors, and creatives as they embark on their journey into the world of performing arts. 

With your generous support, we aim to provide our Young Company members with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities they need to thrive. From scholarships and training workshops to production expenses and performance opportunities, every donation to “The Future is Bright” campaign directly contributes to shaping the next generation of theatre luminaries. 

Join us in illuminating the path forward for our young performers and ensuring that the stage remains aglow with their boundless talent and creativity. Together, let’s make the future of theatre at Lighthouse Festival shine brighter than ever before! 

Thank you.

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