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Classic Lightfoot Live

110 Minutes

The Authentic GORDON LIGHTFOOT Experience

Classic Lightfoot Live, performing since 2016, stands as Canada’s premier homage to the legendary folk rocker, Gordon Lightfoot. Led by the remarkable trio of vocalist and guitarist John Stinson, bassist Bob Doidge(Lightfoot’s record producer), lead guitarist Eric Kidd, this show whisks you down a nostalgic journey through Lightfoot’s iconic music. The show also includes percussionists Bruce Campbell and Malcolm Gould and Liz Anderson on keyboards.

Gordon Lightfoot’s impact on music is immeasurable; he’s hailed as Canada’s greatest songwriter, shaping the folk-pop sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s. His name is synonymous with timeless tales of trains, shipwrecks, rivers, highways, love, and solitude. His repertoire, including classics like “For Lovin’ Me,” “Early Morning Rain,”  and “Ribbon of Darkness,” have left an indelible mark on the world.

Stinson, with his mastery of both six and twelve-string guitars, emulates Gord’s signature sound with astonishing accuracy.

“Others can tell, even if they don’t know how or why John’s renditions come off as being so faithful. I’ve been told before, and many did that night, they can’t believe how well John sings Gord’s tunes.” John Swartz,, Nov 2023

Trained by the legendary Red Shea and backed by a talented ensemble of seasoned musicians, Classic Lightfoot Live promises an authentic and emotionally resonant experience, faithfully recreating Lightfoot’s studio recordings.

Apr 6
Schedule & Tickets

Schedule & Tickets

Classic Lightfoot Live is playing in Port Colborne.
Apr 6
    The event is no longer playing in Port Colborne.

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This is not a Lighthouse Festival production. It has been created by an independent producer and is presented by Lighthouse Festival outside of our regular theatre offerings. These tickets are not subject to refund, credit or exchange.