Meet the Cast of Bed & Breakfast | Warren Macaulay as Drew

Making his Lighthouse stage debut, Warren Macaulay is no stranger to the stage (or screen!). He’s appeared in Taken on NBC, as well as Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Superstar at YES Theatre, Felix in Frankenstein at Theatre New Brunswick, and Ross in Model Wanted at the Notable Acts Festival. We chatted with Warren during his busy rehearsal scheduled for Bed & Breakfast (he’s playing 12 roles in the play!) about what’s challenging about bringing this script to life, what’s going to surprise people about this show and what he’d do next if he had a magic wand. PS – He’s also a HUGE baseball fan!

Lighthouse (L): What’s challenging about bringing this script to life? 

Warren Macaulay (WM): Our playwright, Mark Crawford, has given us a wonderful story to share, filled with so many colourful characters. It’s a delight spinning from one character to the next and back again – I just need to make sure both of my feet stay on the ground for all the twists and turns of this wild ride.

(L): What’s going to surprise people about this show? 

(WM): Perhaps unexpectedly, some of these colourful characters I mentioned also have some of the play’s most touching moments.

Warren Macaulay

(L): Besides this one, what’s your favorite stage show? 

(WM): All my life, I have loved the game of baseball. Mucking in the Drift by Sudbury playwright Matthew Heiti tells a local man’s personal story, through the lens of this great sport, with tremendous joy and humanity. It also happens to feature just one actor playing all the parts!

(L): If you had a magic wand, what show would you do next? 

(WM): I’m actually working on a play of my own right now, so that magic wand would come in very handy for getting all my thoughts not just down on the page, but fully formed into a cohesive story. Then I’d get to magically cast myself in the production, too!

(L): What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show? 

(WM): While remaining alert and respectful drivers to ensure everyone gets home safely, I hope audiences will find themselves reflecting on (and celebrating) how far we’ve come with respect to acceptance and love. Unfortunately, there are very real forces today that threaten to pull us back, but I believe our show can really drive home the message that “love is stronger than hate.”