Meet the Cast of On The Air | David Rosser as Art

Lighthouse perennial favourite David Rosser is back in On The Air and tries to make a villain the audience will love to hate.

David Rosser is a very funny guy. He played Professor Thomas Bell in THE REAL SHERLOCK HOLMES, Phil Gibson in THE NUMBERS GAME, and directed I’LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT, all at Lighthouse Festival. He’s back this summer as Art in On The Air and we couldn’t be more pleased. We spoke to him about his reasons for wanting to be involved in this production (we’re blushing!), what’s the biggest challenge taking on this role, and who would play him in a Lifetime-esque movie.

Lighthouse (L): What’s going to surprise people about this show?  

David Rosser (DR): That I look even better than last season…seriously though. I think they’ll be surprised how time flies when they’re having this much fun watching a live theatre event.      

L: Why did you want to be involved in this production? 

DR: Any time I have the opportunity to work at Lighthouse, I jump at the chance. The town, Derek, his team and the audiences put Lighthouse in the top 3 of venues I want to work at. I also relish working on a new script, creating a character from the ground up.

L: What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role? 

DR :  Getting Art’s hair just right… Speaking of Art… He’s a little pompous, self centered and maybe not the easiest to get along with. My challenge is to still make him “likeable”, maybe the villain the audience always loves to hate.

L: If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?

David Rosser as Art

DR: I was going to say Brad Pitt, of course, but I heard he’s already booked to do, The Stephen Sparks Story. Okay, if we’re talking about covering a long section of my life, how about…Timothee Chalamet in my younger years, moving to Ryan Gosling and then Kurt Russell as I get older. I want a cameo in there somewhere. Like Stan Lee gets in the Marvel movies.

L: Without giving anything away, what’s your favourite line of dialogue?

DR: “…absolutely exhilarating. Ethelred plays the hydrophone like a gentle lover, sweetly caressing your lower intestine.”