Meet the Director of Bed & Breakfast | Stewart Arnott

We asked Bed & Breakfast Director Stewart Arnott what he loves about this comedy by Mark Crawford and he didn’t disappoint!

“In a nutshell, this wonderful comedy is about finding a home, a place “where your people are”. A place where you feel accepted, loved, safe. And the path to finding and making that home is a bumpy, twisty one, full of revelations and surprises and in this case, comedy!

Of course, there is the sheer delight that comes from watching two fine actors take on upward of 20 characters to tell their story, turning on a dime without the aid of props or costume changes. It’s a tour de force romp that’ll leave you breathless with laughter and with a very full heart!

One of the many things I love in Mark Crawford’s fine, funny play is when a character experiences the unexpected surprise of discovering that someone they’d put in a box – “Oh, I know you, I know your type, and I’m not sure I like you!” – is actually quite a bit more, wonderfully more, than what they first thought. Those ‘ah ha!’ moments are a delight, and they invite us to examine that tendency in ourselves. Acceptance comes in many shapes and sizes, and while this story centres on a loving couple who happen to be two men, the play invites all of us in.” 

Stage Bio for Stewart Arnott

For Lighthouse: Director of Same Time, Next Year

Elsewhere: Marjorie Prime (Coal Mine Theatre), Doubt: A Parable (B&E Theatre), Risky Phil and Pobby and Dingan (YPT), Seminar (Royal MTC/Mirvish Productions).

Note: Productions that Stewart has directed have been recognized at the Dora Mavor Moore Awards with 11 nominations and 5 wins,  including Best Production and Best Director for Marjorie Prime, starring the late Martha Henry.