Meet the Director of On The Air | Jane Spence

Lighthouse Artistic Associate Jane Spence brings On The Air to the stage as its Director.

Jane Spence is a household name at Lighthouse Festival. She first performed at Lighthouse in 2010 in two shows that season: When the Reaper Calls, and The Melville Boys by Norm Foster. She was the Assistant Director on First Name Basis by John Spurway in 2017 and workshopped Hurry Hard by Kristen Da Silva in 2018. A few years later, she performed in Beyond the Sea by Kristen Da Silva and most recently was the director of Norm Foster’s Halfway There in the 2022 summer season. She’s directing two productions for 2023: On The Air by Ephraim Ellis and Kristen Da Silva’s Where You Are. We sat down with Jane to talk about if she thinks movies translate well into plays and vice versa, what she loves to do with her free time, and who will love this show.

Lighthouse (L): Do you think movies translate well into plays and vice versa?  

Jane Spence (JS): Some scripts definitely translate better than others. One of the challenges in adapting a piece from stage to screen is that with plays, the story is often told through language where movies might use images.  Generally speaking, in theatre we hear the characters tell the story versus the camera showing us the story.        

L: When did you become interested in working as a director, and what influenced your decision to pursue this path in the theatre world?

JS: My focus for most of my career was acting, and then about 10 years ago I was given an opportunity direct.  The process required creativity on a different scope that I found very appealing. It was exciting to be able to collaborate with people on all the different aspects of the show.  That experience ignited my desire to learn more about the craft and pursue this path. I feel very fortunate that it has led me here to be working with this amazing team.

L: What sort of person is going to love this show? 

JS :  I think anyone who loves a good sitcom will enjoy this show.

L: What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

JS: I hope people will go home thinking about these hilarious and endearing characters, reminiscing about the moments they found the funniest and most touching. 

L: What do you do when you’re not doing theatre?

JS: When I am not in the theatre my favorite place to be is with my family. I am also passionate about traveling.