How To Buy Tickets

Ticket Prices

Ticket TypePrice
Individual Tickets$24.00 each
Family Rate (3-9 tickets)$21.50 each
Group Rate (10+ tickets)$20.00 each

Buying tickets online video

Watch these video’s for a guide to buying tickets for the Lighthouse relaxed performances online.
If you are attending Lighthouse for the first time, start with the Set Up My Account video.
If you have an account you can go immediately to the Buy Tickets Online video.

How to make an account video

Watch this video for a guide to making a Lighthouse Festival account so you can buy tickets online.

How do I book as accessible seat?

There are accessible seats available on the two aisles of section 4. To book an accessible seat please contact the box office directly at 519-583-2221 or

If I would like some personal space can I book multiple seats?

We have built in personal space seats for all patrons by marking every other seat as “not for sale” as you can see on the seat map below the FAQ section. This means for every seat purchased that patron will have an empty seat on either side of them. If you are booking for two or more people you will have the option to sit in any of the seats between your purchased seats.

How long is the performance?

Performances can range in run time. The time for each production will be updated once rehearsals have started. Typically a performance is between 2 hours and 2 hours, 15 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

How do I get my tickets?

When purchasing tickets to a relaxed performance online or through the box office you will have three options for receiving your tickets.
1. Have your tickets e-mailed to you. On they day of your performance you can print your tickets or show them to the ticket scanner on your smart device (phone or tablet)
2. You can have the tickets printed and mailed to your home for a $2.50 mailing fee.
3. You can have your tickets held for you at the box office to pick up when you arrive for your performance.

Seat Map