Strategic Plan


the path forward

What we aspire to do

Who we are

Where we will focus

High-Quality Performance & Value Creation

  • Artistic Excellence: in the creation, production and staging of artistic content
  • Service Excellence: delivering consistently high-quality theatrical experiences – end to end and assessing impact
  • Engagement & Social Impact: embracing and engaging the wider community in theatre programming

Sustainable Growth

  • Managed Growth: through innovative programming and optimizing existing capacity
  • Infrastructure Renewal: strategic investment in facility maintenance and management
  • Embracing Change: actively cultivating the next generation audience, funders, artists, staff, donors, and entertainment competitors

Good Governance

  • Managing Risk: improved planning and understanding of risk and risk tolerance to enable calculated risk-taking
  • Evidence-based Decision-making: supported by subject matter expertise, measurement, and evaluation
  • Enhanced Accountability: clarifying roles and responsibilities, succession planning and performance management for key positions